Tips on buying in the best conditions with the help of the Lafleur-Davey agency

Tips on buying in the best conditions with the help of the Lafleur-Davey agency

Buying a property is a big step in life, and this is especially true for your first experience. Here is some sound advice to guide you through the completion of your purchasing project.

Evaluate your needs

If you wish to buy a property to live in by yourself or to establish your little family, your priorities will not be the same. Since buying a home is a long-term choice, it is good to know your current needs, but also your future needs. Several properties are available on the market, and you have to choose according to different criteria that you prioritize: the year the property was built, the type of house (bungalow, two-storey house, etc.), the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, rooms, the additional space needed and much more! You will also choose whether you prefer to have a big lawn or not. Do you need to have a garage and several parking spaces? Make a list of the criteria that are important to you to help you during your research to specifically target properties that exactly fit your needs.

What area would you like to live in?

Although you have probably already chosen which area you want to settle in, certain areas or neighborhoods may suit you better than others. What’s important to you? Being near work? The children’s school? Being near the highway? Learn about the various attractions offered by the places that interest you and list the areas that seem more attractive.

Make a budget and get your mortgage pre-qualification

Once the requirements for the various criteria are met, you also need to plan the budget you want to allocate to the purchase of your property. In addition to the initial investment and the monthly mortgage payments, it is also important to plan for additional costs that will increase the amount of your annual payments. These include municipal taxes, school and energy costs. Don’t forget the transfer tax, which will be charged to you only once, after the sale is notarized.
A mortgage pre-qualification is the key to the success of your purchasing transaction. It allows confirming your borrowing capacity, while providing a simulation of monthly payments that would be linked to this loan. Whatever your bank, your broker will refer you to the persons that will issue you the official certification, also called pre-qualified or pre-approved mortgage.
Knowing what types of payments or financial commitments you take on when acquiring a property is essential and can help you avoid many bad surprises!

Choosing a real estate broker

Real estate brokers are available to represent you when you acquire your future property. Regardless of the sign in front of the house, your broker will be able to represent your needs and fulfill your expectations. Your broker will advise you and guide you through the buying process. They will also let you take advantage of a network of experts to support you during your transaction. You are now ready to move into the property of your dreams!

The building inspection

As buying a property is one of the biggest purchases of your life, you should make sure you are buying a property that you know everything about, and knowing the costs required in the short, medium and long term.


Expense checklist during the purchase of a new property

Buying property is an exciting project that can quickly overwhelm us. On the other hand, it is also a project that can be very costly, not only in the cost of purchasing the property, but you will also incur some expenses associated with the transaction. Here is a preparation checklist to help you better plan future spending.


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