Tips on moving

Tips on moving

The key to a successful move: getting organized! Here are some tips that will greatly simplify your move.

Plan ahead

It is much less stressful to plan the move in advance, to avoid a lot of hassles when the time comes, when you will have many other things to think about. As soon as you know the date you want to move on, you can start looking for your truck or moving company. Certain times of the year are much busier, such as May 15 to July 15. You need to book as early as possible if you want to move during this period, to ensure availability.

Choosing how you move

The costs and benefits differ whether you prefer to hire a mover or move yourself by renting a truck. Moving yourself will save you costs.
Using a professional mover will save you much effort and reduce the risk of accidental breakage. In both cases, it is always best to compare different companies to get the best price and the best conditions.

Packaging and identification

To help you better find your items once you arrive at your new location, it is best to have your items already classified in categories in your boxes, which you will have marked with what they contain and the room where you would like them to be put in. This will spare you from having to search in all of the house’s rooms to find where a particular box was put, which will allow you to be much more efficient at storing your items!

Sort it out!

Moving is the perfect time to sort your belongings. Choose what you want to take with you, and leave the items that are no longer useful. Take the opportunity to recycle, give or sell them.


Moving yourself or decided to hire professionals?
Once your choice is made, you need to check out this company. Are they insured should they accidentally break your furniture or if someone gets hurt? Has there been complaints filed at the Office de la protection du consommateur against the mover?
You can refer to: to check if any complaints have been filed. They are signs that should not be taken lightly!

On that note, have a nice move!